Swamp Guy Kayton

Devil Woman Blues



You is something baby
You is something in deed
Something evil
Something real sweet
Like whips and lace
A devil woman with an angel’s face

You ain’t nothing baby
You ain’t nothing to me
Nothing but candy
Nothing but mean
Like fire and ice
A devil woman treats me real nice

You don’t know anything baby
You don’t know anything that’s true
Anything at all
Anything would do
Like shallow and deep
A devil woman can make me weep

Where I gonna go
What a I gonna do
I can run but I can’t lie
I can run but I can’t lie
I can run but I can’t lie
Devil woman has said goodbye

You know I’m a fool baby
A fool for loving you
Foolish and blind
Foolish but true
Like steamy and cold

A devil woman has taken my soul

She's a taken my soul away

She's a taken my soul