Swamp Guy Kayton

 Please Help TEXAS, FLORIDA and ISLANDS in the CARIBBEAN Recover 

It was Katrina hitting New Orleans and seeing people on the tops of their roofs siting with belongs waiting to get rescued alone with the lack of help the people got from our government that led me to write this song  Free download of Black-Eyed Moon. My message to anyone in a position to help, PLEASE HELP Texas. My message to our government, to HELP people is what you are for!!!

Please give to the Red Cross 

HELP Puerto Rico through AmeriCares !


New Album!!!

 The Tame, the Guilty and the Dirt Road Scuffle

The second album includes 14 previously unreleased songs written between 1979 and 2017.  The album is full of interesting characters including Walter Sonny, Amos, Little Girl, Lily, Illegal Immigrant, Grandpa, a Pirate, Odd Fellows, My Boy and Devil Woman. 


Listen now to the whole album, full tracks and follow along with the lyrics. Click here.

Read about characters who influenced the songs. Click here. 

Where boots meet the mud!


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