Swamp Guy Kayton

Everything Must Go



Sittin in the thicket

listen to the crickets

peakin thru the pickets

loadin up my musket

firein off my rocket

life is just a target


Livin’ in the swamp everything must go


Cuttin up a pallet

Chopin with my hatchet

Buildin me a casket

Angry as a hornet

Hanging on bracket

Lookin for an exit


Wrapped in a blanket

Sittin on the summit

Spitin in a bucket

welcome to my pulpit

waitin on a prophet

Now I see the spirit


Na    Na Na  Na        Na Na Na


Cuttin up a rabbit

Pretty as a parrot

fry it in the skillet

smokin little snippets

Chewing on a giblet

Like a little piglet 


countin single digits

Heatin up my planet

changin up my climate

It’s the only ticket

who’s the little culprit

Dirty little maggot


Think I blown a gasket

Must a short circuit

I might be a hermit

I’m not a little puppet

Losen up your socket

Smoke a little wicket


Na    Na Na  Na        Na Na Na