Swamp Guy Kayton

Where boots meet the mud

The Swamp

In Southeastern Virginia along the North Carolina border is one of the last large wild areas remaining in the Eastern United States, The Great Dismal Swamp. Covering over a million acres the swamp is home to a large variety of wildlife from black bear to water moccasins. The Swamp has given us many mystical stories from the white canoes to ghost Indians, from escaped slaves to the bear skeletons beneath a tree and the floating lights of the lake. In the heart of the swamp lies Lake Drummond , a 3,100-acre natural lake. The lake, a remarkably circular body of water, is one of only two natural lakes in Virginia. The Dismal Swamp Canal runs down the eastern side of the swamp and was completed in 1805. Rumor has it, George Washington stepped foot in the canal and said this is a "Deep Creek", giving rise to the name of the community bordering the Swamp on the North, which is where Swamp Guy is from.

The Guy

Swamp Guy Kayton was born in East Virginia and to North Carolina he did roam. Growing up and living in Deep Creek he stepped foot in the Swamp at an early age when he spent winters trapping muskrats to earn spending money.  His summers where spent riding his bike behind the Mosquito Man and chasing Water Moccasins out of the back yard so it would be safe for his little sister, while shooting his BB gun at the Mud Hens for target practice. Swamp Guy has expertise in dismantling beaver dams and how to outsmart the beaver so he will give up, pack up and swim off to a new location. 

The Music

Swamp Guy was influenced early on by his mom, Jeanette, who loved Ray Charles and the music of the early 60s. Later, high school friends were a huge influence who turned him on to the likes of John Prine, Little Feat, The Eagles, Taj Mahal, Jackson Brown to name a few. In recent years, influences have ranged from Bruce Springsteen, Lucinda Williams, Mary Guathier to Chris Smither and Greg Brown. Swamp Guys music is rough around the edges and intended to be that way. If you are looking for upbeat foot stomping music, keep on going cause Swamp Guys music is deep, dark and depressing. Songs about pain and heartache from alcoholism in “All for Nothing” to watching the New Orleans floods in “Black Eyed Moon”. Songs from childhood memories like when a couple of friends were killed by a hit and run driver in “Never In A Million Years” to a man who came from the other side of the tracks to do odd jobs, “Walter Sonny”.  Have a listen.        

Swamp Guy